At times we are quick to quote Isaiah 55: 8, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts neither your ways are my ways” said the
About seven years ago, I got home feeling great, praising the Lord for how good He’s been to me. I was by myself in the
house and I decided to take a little nap on the sofa, not knowing that a great darkness was going to fall on my life. About three hours later, I tried to get up from the sofa but my left leg was locked in a position and would not move. I started praying knowing my God would heal me right away, as He has often done, but on the contrary, my right toe started getting big. Not understanding what was going on, I started fasting and praying. After seven days in this condition, my throat started hurting me. I was still laying down on the sofa because all of the bedrooms were upstairs. It would have taken me hours, just going from the sofa to the bedroom.
My lovely wife was not home because she was away having an operation on her right foot. After ten days of being in pain, I decided to tell my wife what was going on. I knew that she was going to tell me to go to the hospital, and for the next few days that was the only thing I heard.
You know us who are super spiritual do think God will move as soon as we pray and the last thing we want to do is go to the Hospital, forgetting even Jesus, Paul, and many others, who prayed for God to help them in their situation but didn’t. We have to understand that sometimes God is going to simply do His will. We pray the Lord’s prayer every day, “For not my will but your will be done.” When He doesn’t answer right away, we start to stress out like Job.
After fifteen days of suffering from cramps, there was a knock on the door and I yelled out, “It’s open, come in.” The door swung open and it was a good friend of mine. At the same time, my wife called and asked who was there with me. She asked to speak with him. He looked at me and said, “Let’s go.” and I asked, “Where are we going?” He responded, “Your wife told me to take you to the nearest hospital right away.” I told him, “I can’t even walk, how are we going to do this?” He then said, “Come, I will help you get into the van.” When I got to the hospital I was trembling, cramping, and had a high fever. I was in a lots of pain. To make a long story short, they discovered that I had a blood clot in my left knee and gout in my right toe. I believe the greatest pain one could go through is having gout. The doctors did all kinds of tests but couldn’t find out what had caused this. They suspected that it was caused by some kind of cancer.
At that point, I also told them my throat had been in a lots of pain and I had also felt a little lump by my neck. They decided to do a biopsy, and the result was stage four cancer of carcinoma, a type of cancer that starts in cells that make up the skin or the tissue lining organs, such as the liver or kidneys. They are able to spread to other parts of the body, which in this case, was my throat.
They told me I had to be operated on right away but they couldn’t perform this critical operation. I have a brother that works at Jackson Hospital in Miami that was able to refer me to the best doctor for the surgery. I had two doctors operating on me, one removed half of my tonsil and the other removed five of my left lymph nodes.
After the operations, I couldn’t talk right away or drink anything for a while. For about three to four months, the only thing I could do is to drink from a tube in my nose. The doctors wanted me to have chemotherapy and radiation, but I refused to put myself through so much pain again. As I was praying one day, I asked God if I would be able to talk normally and eat like I used to. I saw a bright light in the room and a hand touched my throat, where a voice said, “Tomorrow you will eat normally.” The next day, I removed the tube from my nose and started eating.
I thank God for my daughter Tashia, she was my guarding angel through the whole process, as well as a lovely couple, Mr. Francois and his wonderful wife. One of my best friends, helped me to see one of the best holistic doctors in Florida and after three to four months of seeing him, the cancer came back aggressively. My throat and my neck started getting big, and after seeing that, I go and visit my doctor he told me that I must go through aggressive chemotherapy, and after I must go through radiation with chemotherapy. It’s a slow death process, and what I went through, I wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy. I lost every hair on my body; all my nails became black before their fall off, and I lost my taste buds. I had Thirty three sections of radiation with chemotherapy. The radiation burnt my neck, gave me cavities in all of my teeth, and it dried my mouth completely. I also lost over a hundred pounds and was taking sixteen Percocet a day, as well as other pain pills that caused all kinds of side effects, such as constipation, dizziness, that I have until this very day.
Glory be to Jesus Christ who gives me victory and I am now going on eight years cancer-free! Part of my healing process was the knowledge of knowing that I was going to be with the Lord, so I didn’t fear death. I went through the whole ordeal with a merry heart and was stress-free. Don’t allow any sickness to stress you out, because the stress will kill you before the sickness does. Just keep the faith knowing that nothing is impossible for the Holy Spirit to do, you just have to believe you’re going to be in a better place when your spirit leave this body. Just pray the Lord’s prayer, not my will but your will Holy Father, now and forever in my life. In Jesus Almighty name Amen…



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