ThinK again? God Destiny for men kind was to be bless with Adam forever, when Adam sin God predestination for men was put on hold till after the millennium end, when Satan will be cast in the lake of fire Re. 20: 1-15.
Now we are living Satan Destiny and we blaming God for all of our disobedience and up’s and down’s, Adam told God the woman you gave me cause me to disobeyed you, Job was blaming God for all his lost and sickness, not having the knowledge Satan was behind everything, Saul (Paul) was killing God’s people, God blessed him with knowledge of the gospel of Jesus the Christ, to suffer for Him.
This should be a eye opener. When Jesus cry on the cross, Father forgive them for they don’t know what they doing, praying for does that was killing Him, now you should imagine how He will bless you if you become His son or daughter and obey His words. Are you blaming God for a situation you in now? Think again? God has no evil in Him, we suffered because of lack of knowledge.
“God” will forever be bless regardless how we think of Him or what we say against Him. God created us in His image and gave us a free will so we could be like Him, all He wants is for us to love Him, the same way He loves us, unconditionally. Trust and obey for they is no other way to fill the void in our life, we need to be born again in Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. And obey His commend, because obedience is better that sacrifice. 1 Sam 15: 22; Jh. 3: 1-21. To Jesus be all the Glory Amen.



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