I love you. I know you will be shocked, but you mean so much to me. I’m trying to get closer to you, but you seem to be somewhere else. The more I give you my attention, the more you think of someone else. It hurts when I call and no one answers. I’m trying to give myself to you, but you don’t seem to be ready. Please let me love you. It’s me JESUS. Every day you open your inbox to read your friends’ messages, but how often do you open your Bible to read My message? Please read until the end. My name is Jesus. You barely have time for me. I love you and bless you, I am always with you, protecting you. You must spend some time with me today. Don’t pray, just praise me. Today, I will open your spiritual eyes to see the treasures I long to bless you with, try me and you will forever be happy.
❤ I have been in prison  ❤
❤ out of love for you …  ❤
❤ I was beaten…             ❤
❤ out of love for you … ❤
❤ people spit on me, ❤
❤️ plucked my beard ❤
❤ out of love for you … ❤
❤ I was mistreated,❤️
❤️ they put on my head ❤️
❤️ a crown of thorns ❤
❤ out of love for you …❤
❤ nailed to the cross, pierced
❤️ on my side❤️
❤ out of love for you …❤
❤️ humiliated on the cross,❤️
❤️ naked they let me die ❤️
❤ out of love for you… ❤
❤ dead and risen…❤
If you are not ashamed of Me, please be my friend, for greater LOVE has no one than what I SUFFERED!!! Just for you to have eternal life with Me. Shalom. Jh. 15: 13.


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