Understand Book Revelation Way


First, you must divide the book into three parts, the first part is Revelation Chapter 1: to Chapter 3: which talks about the seven churches which were in Asia, and also the body of Christ today which is the church. Part two, chapter 4: to chapter 19: which talks about all the things that will happen in the great tribulation, the church is not mentioned at all as being on earth during the seven years’ tribulation. Part three, chapter 20: to chapter 22: after the battle of Armageddon Satan is chained and cast into the bottomless pit, the saints returning to the earth to reign under Jesus Christ as kings and priests forever. Jude 14-15.


Another thing I would like you to know is the lineage that the antichrist will come from, we know Jesus was from Abraham and Isaac, and that the antichrist will also come from Abraham and Ishmael his firstborn. In Galatians 3: 26-28 the Holy Spirit teaches that only those that are in Christ Jesus are the spiritual seed of Abraham, and condemns all the religious people that are not spiritually in Christ. The devil will also have a one-world religion which will be called Chris-lam, a blend of Christianity and Islam as one, and most of them will accept the mark of the antichrist, or the number of his name which is 666 on their right hands or forehead. 

The Holy Spirit Through the descendants of Isaac had preserved the Old Testament and the New Testament for us to know that Jesus is Christ, the savior of the world. And Satan through the descendants of Ishmael had preserved the Quran, which is the Islamic sacred book, which was written by the prophet Muhammad, who prophesied the Mahdi as the Islamic messiah, which would bring peace and justice to the world in the last seven years on the earth, before the millennium reign of Christ. Shalom. May the Lord Jesus bless you with the knowledge of His words Amen.



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