Jesus rebukes most of the seven churches for being weak links, unfaithful to the gospel. One of the purposes of Revelation is to strengthen the believers in the body of Christ that are weak. It is appropriate in addressing the Sardis church, that Christ represent himself as”He who has the seven spirits of God and the seven stars…I know… Superficially, the church of Sardis seemed alive and active, and had a reputation for being so. However it was dead according to the Lord. This is disturbing. What people say is”a great church”may not be so at all.
We need to look for the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the characteristics by which Jesus identifies a congregation as belonging to him. A congregations that appeals to us, a”feel good”church, may not be a true and living congregation at all. Things that remain Digression and apostasy never happen all of a sudden. It is a slow process, and for a long time there will still be a presence of good things. However that remaining presence will not be valued, and will become weaker and weaker. Jesus told the Pharisees and the scribes they were whitewash tombs, they look beautiful on the outside but inside was full of deadly bones.
John 15: 1-9 Jesus commended the believers to abide in Him or else the Father will cut them of. How do we abide in Jesus? He said He’s the Word of God, every time you read your Bible you are abiding in Jesus, and when you obey what the Holy Spirit is teaching you, then and only then you glorifying the Father. A very sample illustration, go get a fan turn it on nothing will happen, why? Because they is no electricity going through it, now plug it into the electricity and see  what happened, It come alive and do the work it was created to do, now on plug it from the electricity you will see the power has going out from it, an eventually it will die completely. We are just like that fan, if we are not plugin to our life force which is Jesus Christ our Lord. Surely we also will die.
Remember the Holy Spirit put you in the vine for a purpose and that purpose is for you to bear fruit, if you don’t serve your purpose as a branch, sorry to say with a lot of regret one day the Father will cut you off. Jesus is telling us today just like He told them in the church of Sardis, He will come as a thief, what does that mean? He will chastise those that He loves, but if you refuse to repent and turn away from that evil deed you living in, you give Jesus no option but to blot your name out of the book of life.
And don’t think you could sneak in to the wedding of the Lord without a wedding garment, read Mt 22: 1-14. The proper garment is sanctification by the blood of Jesus Christ that cleans you from all of your sins, and this will only happen when true repentance is made. Then the Holy Spirit will make you holy for without holiness no one will see God Hebrews 12: 14. He that have an  ear listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying now. Repent and glorify the Father, or you will be cut off as a branch an thrown in to the fire at the last judgement. Jesus says without Him we are nothing. To Jesus and all the overcomes be glory now and forever, in the Almighty name of Jesus the Christ our Lord Amen.



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